Project Management

Some of our clients are well versed in the details of planning and managing the type of work we do, but many entrust these matters to us.  We draw on years of experience to properly and thoroughly research & plan each project we undertake; regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Whether we are working alone or as part of a team, we can handle every aspect of a project start to finish.  Once we have determined the most effective approach for the project, we carefully manage each phase of the project through to completion.

Industrial Storage Solutions

Crystal Services offers industrial storage options for any business.  Whether you are looking for a short-term solution or you have longer commercial storage needs for your inventory, equipment or business documents, Crystal Services offers flexible and affordable solutions. 

We can pick up your storage items, or you can deliver them.  We can also return your stored items when you need. 


Equipment Transportation

Using industry best practices, Crystal Services is able to move all styles of oversized, and overweight equipment.  Including but not limited to mining and forestry equipment, oilfield installations, and oil and gas procurement equipment. 

With years of experience in the transportation industry, Crystal Services is able to move your equipment safely, on time, and within budget. 


Receiving & Delivery

Sometimes you just aren’t able to get to all the places you need to be.  Crystal Services employs a multitude of staff, allowing us to be there for you, even when you can’t.  Coupled with our Industrial Storage Solutions, this means we can pick up, store, and deliver your product – regardless of size, weight, and sensitivity of the product.   



Crane Services

With over 30 years in specialized crane projects, there is nothing we aren’t capable of handling.  We have access to 5-ton picker trucks as well as full-size tower erecting equipment.   

Crystal Services Specialized Modular Portable Gantry Systems can be employed for heavy lifting from the top of buildings.  They can be configured for whatever the situation requires.  Our modular crane can be transported to the top of any building in pieces via the elevator and assembled in place.  

We can remove windows at the appropriate floor level and hoist heavy equipment up or down the side of the building.  When the move is completed, we will replace and seal the windows. 

Our Specialized Modular Portable Gantry Systems have a 5-ton capacity, can be used with- or without guy wires, and can be erected more efficiently and cost-effectively than most heavy lift cranes.  They are also fully modular, allowing operation at any height. 

Staying ahead of the curve within our industry, Crystal Services is capable of anything you need doing!

Mini- Crane

  • 5 Section Fully Automatic Boom
  • Confined area 3 position outriggers system
  • Rubber Tracks
  • 2 Speed Travel & Crane Functions
  • 2 Speed Winch with Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Programmable Capacity Moment Limiter
  • Anti Two block tilt sensor alarm
  • 360° Swing
  • Automatic Hook
  • Remote controls as required

Machine Weights 9,100 LBS

Boiler Move

Engineered Rigging Services

Riggin involves everything from the specialized multipoint lifting of roofs and difficult to hoist objects, to contract rigging for heavy equipment and air handler units on high-rise construction projects, and everything in between. 

Crystal Services can provide the plan, the riggers, and all of the specialized rigging equipment required. 

When you combine our Specialized Modular Portable Gantry Systems with the cranes available for use on the market, there are very few jobs we cannot complete with maximum efficiency. 


Crystal Services can provide any hosting solution that you require, from 5-ton picker trucks to 500-ton mobile cranes. 

Crystal Services also has three specialized cranes that have been engineered specifically to be able to hoist equipment into existing buildings which cannot easily accommodate traditional mobile cranes. 

Every site provides unique challenges, both in terms of the location and the items that need to be hoisted.  Crystal Services has engineered, designed, and built specialized cranes to industry specifications in order to allow for building owners to receive the end product that they require. 



Specialized Moving

We understand that moving heavy objects can be a burden for many companies.  We have the expertise, the equipment, and the experience to be able to provide efficient and cost effective moving solutions.

We have Specialized Modular Portable Gantry Systems that can be configured to whatever the situation requires.

If you need to move a 14,000lb ice maker, atop a 3′ stand, in between roof trusses no less, with only a small doorway as access/egress; Crystal Services is your company.

Do you need to move a 15,000lb granite slab moved down a hallway, placed on a pedestal, all while rotating it to accommodate the final position? We’ve done that as well.

How about a space shuttle? Do you have a space shuttle?  We know how to move space shuttles.

Whatever your specialized moving requirements may be, Crystal Services can move your equipment to a new level.


We are also adept with building demolitions, plant teardowns, and high-risk demolitions.  

Crystal Services hs a team of dedicated employees who understand the importance of construction schedules.  Our goal is to complete every demolition task in a professional manner, on time, and within budget.  Our track record speaks for itself!


Environmental Stewardship


We have a long history – and passion – for ensuring all materials and equipment are recycled or repurposed.  This ensures minimal wastage as all usable materials are appropriated properly.

Asset recovery is a major part of our demolition program.  The process involves the removal of recoverable materials, which are then sold at a maximum profit for our clients. 

We will help your organization the value of any surplus equipment, machinery, supplies, and materials.  Instead of scrapping or recycling these materials, we will locate buyers for you!