Safety.  The Cornerstone Of Modern Business. 

safety first

Crystal Services is strongly focused on maintaining the highest level of Health & Safety for our employees and customers at all times.  Our HSE Program provides employees with the procedures and training necessary to perform their jobs in a safe manner and to be safety conscious. Crystal Services is certified in house training for equipment.

The HSE team at Crystal Services is led by our experienced Quality Assurance Manager.  The HSE team is responsible for maintaining the Employee Safety Manual; ensuring that it is kept current and revised as procedures, techniques, and guidelines are changed.

Partners in Injury Reduction

The Partners in Injury Reduction Program (PIR) encourages the development of effective workplace health, safety, and disability management programs in Alberta.  Companies entering the PIR program work towards attaining a Certificate of Recognition (COR).  A COR indicates that an employer has implemented a health and safety program that meets the standards established by their Certifying Partner and Employment and Immigration Partnerships Program.  The Alberta Safety Council (ASC) is a certifying partner for all industries. 

Crystal Services is PIR/COR certified.


Crystal Services’ HSE Program complies with all applicable laws and regulations.  We follow a concept of continual improvement and make the best use of our management resources on all quality matters.  We take due care to ensure that all activities are safe for employees, customers, suppliers and any other parties who come into contact with our work.  We have adopted a forward-looking view on future business decisions that may affect safety.  Crystal Services trains staff in the needs and responsibilities of HSE Management and offers a Safety Reward Program to all staff.