About Us

The Story

Crystal Services Inc. was formed in 1986.  The company began as a demolition business and has evolved to provide specialized moving, hoisting, and rigging services.  Customers began to recognize our commitment to service and our innovative methods, allowing us to build a reputation of quality of service.

Crystal Services does not shy away from a difficult job.  In fact, difficult jobs are our specialty!

Our team has the experience to get the job done right along with the professionalism to keep you coming back.

Over the years Crystal Services has been fortunate to be included in a variety of interesting and challenging jobs, including moving the 1/4 scale space shuttle and the life-sized bronze horses sculpture into place at the Calgary International Airport.

We have constantly expanded both our equipment and our areas of expertise over the years, all while improving our commitment to safety.  We achieved our COR Certification, receiving an overall rating of 98% on the most recent audit completed by a third party provider.

As we continue to support our loyal customers, we continue to offer new customers the same professional, reliable, safe and competitive service.


Mission Statement

To provide reliable, innovative, state of the art practices and procedures, plus experiences and qualified resources to all projects.  To be the best in our field at what we do is paramount at Crystal Services. 


Safety is job one; for your employees, our employees and your job site.  All of our equipment is carefully maintained to manufacturers standards and is third party inspected regularly.  Our best practices have earned us a safety record among the best in the business. 


Our employees have worked in every situation imaginable.  Our employees are each trained to undertake the work they do and licensed to run the equipment involved.


Crystal Services maintains a general liability insurance policy that exceeds industry standards.  We also offer additional coverage to meet your specific project needs.  


Over the years we have carefully followed developments in the construction industry to ensure our equipment and methods are current, agile and ideally fitted to the task.  As the needs of the market evolve, so does our knowledge and methods.  From providing safe and affordable services to offering experienced and qualified staff, one this that does not change is our commitment to being the best at what we do!


We are happy to be certified by ContractorCheck, a third-party Environmental, Health & Safety Risk Management Firm. 



Crystal Services is also proud to partner with ISN Networld to ensure best practices while hiring, and managing our staff. 



More than ever, companies rely on third-party contractors to achieve a broad base of business objectives. Combined with increasing regulation and legislation, managing risk and compliance requirements is becoming increasingly complex and onerous.